Our Technology

Our Technology

It predicts the trajectory of the ball by learning the smallest and fastest golf ball through computer vision, and calculates the ball quality, speed, direction, launch angle, etc.

Utilizing Object Detection technology to track the ball, it accurately calculates the trajectory of the ball by dividing it into tee shot, approach shot, and putting.

The video recorded by the user is analyzed, and if an incorrect prediction is made, it goes through a re-reinforcement learning process again to provide more accurate predictions over time.

SuperShot - We launched a mobile service that analyzes the golf swing trajectory with artificial intelligence.

Lostball - We launched a mobile service where artificial intelligence finds a lost ball on the golf course.

SuperAiming - We are planning to release a service that artificial intelligence helps with putting and addressing on mobile.

All of these services are provided free of charge to golfers around the world, and we intend to gradually provide more accurate, easier and fun services.

We intend to present a new paradigm to the golf market by researching and developing various services that combine golf and artificial intelligence.

It is expected to expand the development of artificial intelligence services related to ball games.